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Can we trust approved suppliers?

We are an independent client research agency specialising in the IT sector. We evaluate an applicant against a number of criteria which you can see here and an important element of this is actual client feedback who have experienced the applicant’s services. We charge an organisation a relatively small amount to undertake the research and approval process and the benefit of this is that no individual member is more important to us than our reputation. We will reject applications if an applicant cannot demonstrate a real commitment to client service, backed up by actual client experiences.

Are we, or all of our members perfect? No, but we do believe that on balance we work with the leaders in their respective fields. The opportunity to provide feedback is ongoing and you can provide good or bad feedback through our member feedback form

Will techtick get involved in disputes?

As an independent research agency our role is to research applicants and we then provide the information as a free of charge information service to end user clients. We do not sell any IT products and services ourselves, or indeed make any income from any sales that result from leads. We are therefore not party to any discussions or contracts and cannot provide a resolution service in case of dispute, however we do provide an opportunity to provide positive or negative feedback via our member feedback form and this is reviewed as part of future approval decisions.

What do we do if we have feedback on a supplier?

Please visit our member feedback page and you can submit both positive and negative feedback on members, we love feedback and will use this in our review process. If you have worked with an organisation that you would like to recommend then please visit our recommend a supplier page.

What’s the difference between an approved member and a listed supplier?

An approved member has been successfully reviewed against our approval process. A listed supplier has not undergone the same review process but has identified themselves providing certain technologies to specified market sectors. We would always advise working with a member wherever possible.

Is there any more guidance you can give to help us achieve better IT solutions?

As part of our focus on positive client outcomes we provide independent resources to add value to your selection and specification of IT projects. Our content is independently authored, often by journalists with specialist knowledge. Please click through the following areas to see how we can help:

We moderate technology & vertical market specific groups on social media, please connect with us for the latest independent updates and peer group insight.

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it’s safe, we will never provide your details to other organisations or even to our members – see our privacy policy for more details

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