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Our approval process is designed to identify suppliers who deliver positive client experiences and value during the projects they undertake. There are many elements to our approval process, including:

  • techtick’s client research survey
  • adherence to our Code of Ethics
  • members should have:
– appropriate business insurance for the type & scale of work undertaken
– a data protection and privacy policy
– a defined complaints procedure with a specific named contact & contact details
– traded for more than one year
  • company & director checks
In addition to the above minimum criteria we may, where available, consider:
  • external qualifications held
  • manufacturers’ accreditations
  • other relevant scheme membership (eg ISO 9001)
  • benchmarking scores against others
  • manufacturer & non-competitive stakeholder/ peer feedback

what happens to the feedback?

Our role is as an independent client research information provider and as such we are interested in your experiences which will help form part of our annual members review process.

Obviously positive feedback supports their continued membership and if we receive negative feedback we will consider this as part of their next annual review. If a pattern of negative feedback is received on a member then we will review this with them and then make our independent decision as to whether to continue their membership.

As we are not party to any contracts and communications we cannot intervene should any dispute arise between suppliers and clients. However, multiple or serious failings to maintain appropriate levels of client satisfaction will result in suppliers being removed from the members list.

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