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If we apply will we be approved?

Not automatically, the credibility of the approval process is fundamental to delivering value to end user clients and providing differentiation to approved members. We are an independent client research agency who survey and assess the feedback from the client details you provide to us. This, taken with the rest of the approval process outlined on the Members Page determines who will be approved. We want as many organisations as possible to demonstrate the level of client professionalism associated with approved members, but there is no automatic approval for all applicants.

What is the approval process and how long does it take?

Please see the approval process section at the bottom of the Members Page for more information and the Application Process for how to become involved. Timings depend on how quickly we can receive back the necessary client feedback, but we aim to have a decision within 3-4 weeks of application and if approved get you up and running immediately after this.

If we apply but are rejected do I receive a refund?

We will have still undertaken the research & approval process work, and to maintain credibility from being seen not to have a full financial motivation to approve regardless of performance then we do not issue full refunds and the full year’s fee is due. If you are not approved upon initial application then we refund 50% of the fees paid and provide a 2 year listing for the specialisms and sectors originally applied for. If approved status is removed during the subscription due to non compliance to the Code of Ethics, failure to maintain the terms detailed in the Approval Process, a serious or pattern of negative User feedback, or in a manner which is likely to damage the reputation of the scheme then there will be no refund.

How long is the contract length and notice period?

It is an annual subscription contract, with a minimum term of 12 months. To help with cashflow there is a monthly payment option and this also has a minimum term of 12 months. After 12 months the ongoing subscription can be cancelled with 3 months written notice. For annual full payment clients cancelling after 12 months then a refund of any unused portion after the notice period will be made.

What happens if we cancel our subscription?

Upon cancellation your profile & listing will be removed from the website. All membership benefits will cease and you must remove all references to techtick approval and stop using any techtick collateral (branding etc).

What do you do to generate enquiries?

Have you got a minute?! We want users to be working with the best suppliers in the industry. It’s beneficial to both them and you. We work hard to produce things of value to end users, it’s the way we build trust and keep users coming back. Examples of activities we undertake include:


  • Using journalists to independently author knowledge guides for technology specialisms and specific vertical markets
  • Running our own social media campaigns with independent valuable content to a targeted audience
  • Press activity in the media they read, not just IT press but the media relevant to their vertical market
  • Advertising in targeted media to generate awareness & interest
  • Attendance at vertical market exhibitions
  • Google ads and SEO for web searches relating to IT supplier enquiry terms

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